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Clear Outlook™'s highly-effective program continues to evolve to provide new useful innovative options to increase and simplify your success.

Clear Outlook™, LLC Mission Statement

To work in harmony with each individual’s body, mind and spirit to create health and personal success to experience their innate potential and a joy-filled life.

Clear Outlook™, LLC Vision Statement

Clear Outlook™ will provide health practitioner services which eliminate interference to health and promote ease in creating personal success. Clear Outlook™ services empower rather then force shedding emotional and physical weight for long lasting desired results while respecting the individual’s wisdom and personal responsibility. These services will be of excellent value and accessible to many.

Clear Outlook™, LLC Commitment

To keep our patient’s wellbeing and priorities as guideposts to the delivery of our services.

The Core Fundamentals of Clear Outlook™, LLC

Weight Loss Program Education and More

Nurse practitioner health monitoring with a team of health care professionals for your success.

Comprehensive initial history, physical, risk analysis and wellness plan.

Delicious New Direction Weight Control System Products, meal plans, nutrition counseling, recipes and food preparation demonstrations.

Classes and monitoring for safety. Skilled competent training and knowledge in weight, emotion and habit control. Topics include but are not limited to: biology based nutrition classes and delicious meal options, activity skills, and vital insights into habit formation and emotional mastery also biology based so participants can picture how improved behaviour options benefit their health and success. You will gain awareness, emotional comfort and core skills for using your free will successfully.

Solution-focused options for your personal success plan.

We listen to and respect the priorities of our clients and their goals for healthy weight loss and maintenance.


Meal Paths of the Clear Outlook™, LLC

Weight Loss Program Support

VLCD – Low in carbohydrates and calories, high in quality protein, this meal path will deliver hunger suppression, natural, efficient fat burning while preserving lean body mass. Meal plans give you the energy to start new activities. With consistency, most people burn at least 2-5 pounds per week.

LCD – More carbohydrate food options than the VLCD. With consistency and exercise, most people burn between 0.5-1 pound per week.

New Direction System® meal replacement products include great tasting shakes, puddings and soups, delicious bars and snacks. Clear Outlook™, LLC makes it simple to shed the pounds and create a healthy weight loss maintenance program. You become skilled in selecting and preparing healthy meals.

Inbody medial grade machine for objective measurement of fat, muscle or water lost during weight loss progress.

The Approach of Clear Outlook™, LLC


Screening – Insights into your unique strengths, risk factors, your triggers leading to weight gain and for your readiness to get started

Reducing – Guidance is given with choosing your meal replacement products from all of our delicious options, planning your food and meal choices and developing mindful habit formation, emotional comfort and fitness management skills

Adapting – New thinking and habits help you succeed. Delicious healthy meal and personalized activity planning set the foundation to keep you on goal

Maintaining – Most importantly, we offer the services to continue your success and maintain your weight loss in your new healthy body by continuing to support you with private monthly visits, weekly programs, inspirational coaching, expert advice and professional support by our nurse practitioner and owner, Liz Winet.


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